The MAYE Center was created by Laura Rhatmeny Som, a refugee of the Cambodian Genocide.

When Laura found refuge in Long Beach, California, she noticed an overwhelming population of other refugees unknowingly suffering through their day to day lives. Many of them did not realize their unhealthy tendencies were a result of traumatic experiences.

Even with her traumatic memories, Laura shares her story, tools for healing, and encouraging spirit from her home country of Cambodia with the Long Beach community.

You can listen to the audio story here: “Laura Som's Story”, She tells her story of immigrating to America (2:02).

“MAYE is a concept being practiced in Long Beach as a solution or prevention to trauma. This is the story of Laura Som, a trauma survivor who brought healing tools with her from Cambodia, and shares them in Long Beach.”

Courtesy of Elgin Ozlen of VoiceWaves - Long Beach, CA