Strategic Plan

Updated May 2019


GOAL 1: Develop MAYE Center as a Center of Excellence on Self-healing of Trauma.

  • Develop and define the MAYE elements of Meditation, Agriculture, Yoga and Education in practice and programs.

  • Publish and distribute papers on MAYE'S history and continuous work.

  • Educate the community about the efficacy of the MAYE elements.

  • Integrate urban agriculture and gardening into the process of healing trauma.

GOAL 2: Expand the emerging power of the Cambodian American community in Long Beach into mainstream political life.

  • Cultivate the awareness of the Cambodian community about their rights and responsibilities as citizens.

  • Unite all Cambodian factions into a single, viable political force.

  • Build leadership and promote community activism in the Cambodian population.

GOAL 3: Cultivate the practice of Ahimsa* within the Cambodian community.

  • Create and conduct classes on inter-personal and intra-community communications and actions.

  • Hold an Ahimsa practice and methods conference for the community.

GOAL 4: Transform Long Beach's K-12 education system to effectively integrate victims of trauma.

  • Educate and empower parents of their rights and responsibilities regarding their children's education.

  • Educate and teach parents  how to be involved in their children's education.

  • Develop intergenerational connections within families that support children's education.

  • Conduct a study that focuses on improving K-12 education for Cambodian students suffering from intergenerational trauma.

*Respect for all living things and avoidance of violence in communication with others.



I.     Provide an environment where survivors and their family members of the Khmer-Rouge Genocide can begin to nurture and cultivate their resiliency for self-healing.

Objective A: To develop an integrated program focusing on facets of Cambodian culture prior to the Khmer Rouge Regime (Meditation, Agriculture, Yoga and Education),

Objective B: To develop and refine the tools for nurturing self-healing (Compassionate,   supportive listening, collaborating with clinical/medical service organizations),

Strategies: Recruit volunteer instructors to develop curricula and schedule weekly programs in all four areas. Publicize and disseminate information about the Center programs to the community through collaborating agencies and social media.

II.     Engage survivors and their family members in MAYE activities that lead to understanding trauma and the process of self-healing.

Objective: To schedule regular seminars and classes by professionally trained people, to present and discuss issues and approaches to trauma and trauma healing.

Strategy: Collaborate with other trauma healing programs to jointly sponsor events at MAYE and other venues in Long Beach.

III.     Create an awareness and an acceptance by participants of the importance of story-telling as the first step of the self-healing of trauma (in process).

Objective A: To conduct group story-telling sessions for participants to chart their pathways from their experiences in Cambodia to their present situation.

Objective B: To inform and activate survivors, family members and community groups about the nature of trauma, trauma healing and the resources available to combat the symptoms.

Strategy: Use the map of Cambodia for participants to point out their birthplaces and different points along the way to either refugee centers or to resettlement.

Strategy: Devise an organizational structure to support and continuously measure and evaluate the effectiveness of MAYE to attain the stated goals.