Transforming Trauma into Non-violent Activism


A Coalition of 14 organizations that launched Equity for Cambodians last year, together with supporters of Vandearlynn Vong, (the highest vote-receiver in the recent delegate election for the Democratic Party) held their celebration of “Emerging Cambodian Power” at La Lune Thmey restaurant.

Joining the celebration were Congressmember Alan Lowenthal and Mayor Robert Garcia, together with other elected officials in recognition of the many Cambodian residents hard work; the majority of whom survived the Killing Fields in the late 1970’s and immigrated to Long Beach in search of a better life.  

Their resiliency in overcoming language, culture, history and education to fight for equity in the political process for Cambodians in the Central City led to the creation of measure DDD.   This formed an independent citizen commission to end gerrymandering and conduct redistricting in a fair and equitable way free of political motives.

“It has been truly moving to watch the growth of the Cambodian community into a strong political force that speaks for the unique issues of their community,” said Congressmember Alan Lowenthal.  “We want to celebrate and honor their work.”

The MAYE Center