Empowerment! Transforming Trauma into Community Activism


May 29, 2019


Signal Hill City Council

This community organizer transformed his experience of injustice, inequity, and the traumas from horror of the Killing Fields into activism.  Last night, we waited to hear the Signal Hill Mayor and Council members address his proposal to amend the Signal Hill Charter for a more equitable and fair process for commission appointment in Signal Hill, Ca.

I want to thank all of Signal Hill Council members for their honest efforts to bring forth the old and unfair process to light and forged together a new process. Special honor and thanks to Councilwoman, Tina Hansen.  She was outstanding for championing a respectful, fair and equitable commission appointment amendment to the City Charter.

What can refugees bring to this country?  Resiliency to make this a better home for himself/his family/his community and a better place for the younger generation. Mr. Charles Song, we are so proud of you.

Yes to Equity For Cambodians!  Proud to be the co-chair with you, Mr. Charles Song. Keep up the good work.

Thank you to Herlinda Chico, Terry Rogers and Suely Saro for all your support. Fellow immigrants, as we hold our breath for a better inclusive process, here we see light at the end of the tunnel.

Remember injustice may trigger old pain but you don't have to react to it. The outlet is community organizing- constructive action to improve the system.

The MAYE Center