The mission of The MAYE Center is to establish and sustain a center for self-healing and the mindful cultivation of well-being for survivors of trauma, and their family members, using an integrated practice of physical, spiritual and community growth. MAYE uses culturally sensitive and environmentally healthy methods including Meditation, Agriculture (Gardening), Yoga and Education. Our goal is to make tools and knowledge of self healing available to our members in hopes of empowering the community.


The vision of The MAYE Center is of a united Cambodian Community that is individually and collectively acculturated and engaged in the community and civic life of Long Beach." We envision sharing our success in trauma healing with other survivors of trauma in the broader community.

Shared Values and Beliefs

The MAYE Center values of "Social Justice, Nonviolence and Forgiveness" is the moral center of community organizing. We value seeing opposition leaders become more supportive of The MAYE Center because of the inclusive, transparent manner in which MAYE conducts its business.