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The Cambodian Community being divided into 4 districts

The Cambodian Community has been in Long Beach for 40 years yet its people has no representation on city council. Their voting power has been diluted because the city of Long Beach has divided them into 4 districts. Equity for Cambodians, is a group of residents working to address these historic grievances.


Equity for Cambodian

The traumas the Cambodian people had experienced during the Khmer Rouge genocide has yet to be healed yet community re-traumatization and compounded traumas immigrating to Long Beach calls for a group of people with stronger resiliency to advocate for these people.


Citizen’s Redistricting

The Mayor and 4 council members have proposed a city of Long Beach amendments to City Charter to give the people the power to redistricting. The Equity for Cambodians have fought hard to ensure equity for all residents, ethnic and minority communities through working with the city to include to shape this policy.