Khmer New Year Festival

Sat.  April 15, 2017  /  9am to 7pm

Location - The MAYE Center, 2153 E. Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA 90804

-- Community Celebration hosted by The MAYE Center --

Come experience the diversity of our Long Beach community by joining us for Cambodian New Year with spiritual blessings by monks; exotic Khmer "garden to you" food offerings to our ancestors, and spiritual renewal of the Spring season; flying sky lanterns to revitalize a future full of prosperity, happiness, joy, and peace; and much more!

Schedule of Activities

  • 9am-11am    Community Cooking and Engagement
    • Celebrate Spring! Harvest exotic Khmer plants and vegetables from The MAYE Center community garden and learn traditional preparation from Elders
  • 11am-3pm      Temple Experience
    • Community walks from The MAYE Center to Temple (about three blocks from Center). Experience Khmer New Year with cultural practices and spiritual blessings by monks
  • 3pm-6pm      Community Feast
    • Enjoy a traditional Cambodian dinner with activities such as Karaoke, coloring, and poetry reading
  • 6pm-7pm      Sky Lanterns
    • Join the community to send traditional candle lanterns into the sky from Ocean Blvd and Junipero Avein Long Beach CA

A warm THANK YOU to our sponsor -- Community Medical Wellness Centers USA