Civic Engagement and advocacy:  Community meeting Re Citizen's Redistricting City of Long Beach Charter Amendments Saturday August 4, 2018 at 10am-12noon at MAYE.

Public meeting at council chamber on July 17, 2018 at 3:30pm Re Citizen's Redistricting City Charter Amendments.



ញត្តិស ុំឲ្យគូសផែនទីសហគមន៍ផមែរ សារជាថ្ែីដោយសមធម

To the Mayor and City Council of Long Beach:

Currently Cambodia Town and the surrounding community are divided between four Council Districts including District 6, District 4, District 2 and District 1. This division dilutes our voting power. We, the undersigned residents and friends of the Cambodian community, hereby demand that Cambodia Town and the surrounding community be made part of one Council District in time for the 2020 Election.

ញត្តិស ុំឲ្យគូសផែនទីសហគមន៍ផមែរ សារជាថ្ែីដោយសមធម ៌ ជូនចំព ោះ អភបាិ លក្រងុ និងក្រុមក្រឹរាទីក្រុងឡងរ ិចៈ រចចុរបននពនោះ ក្រងុ ខ្មែរនិងសហគមន៍ជុំវញិ ក្រុងខ្មែរ បានក្រូវរដ្ឋបាលក្រុងខ្រងខ្ចរជារួនសង្កា រ់ ព លគឺសង្កា រ់ពលម៦ សង្កា រ់ពលម៤ សង្កា រ់ពលម២ និងសង្ការ់ពលម១។ ការខ្រងខ្ចរសង្កា រ់ពនោះ បានព្ឲ្វី យក្រជាពលរដ្ឋខ្មែររនុងសហគមន៍មានការបារ់រង់សពមេងរនុងការ ពបាោះពនន រយ៉ា ងខ្េ ំង។ ដ្ូពចនោះ ពទីរព ងី ម្ុ ំរមួ និងមិរតភរតិសហគមន៍ខ្មែរ បានមូលមរិគ្ននចុោះហរថពលខ្ទាមទារឲ្យរដ្ឋបាលក្រុងឡងរ ិចព្វី អនតរាគមន៍គូសខ្ែនទសាី ជាថ្ែីពោ រមួ រញ្ចូលក្រុងខ្មែរ និងសហគមន៍ជុំវញិ ក្រងុ ខ្មែរ ឲ្យពៅជាសង្កា រ់ខ្រមួ ពដ្ីមបីឲ្យទាន់ពពលរនុងការ ពបាោះពនន រ នានន ំ២០២០ ខ្ងមុមពនោះ។

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Campaign Launch Party

with Congressman Alan Lowethenal

March 18, 2018 • 6pm-8:30pm

Location: La Lune Imperial, 1458 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90813

Launch Party for signing the petition to support community equity for an ethnic group, Cambodian community.


Public · Hosted by
Equitable Redistricting For Cambodians – we are diverse people and residents of Long Beach. We support equity, equality and basic rights for the residents. We welcome all friends and residents.



Community Re-districting

"In 2011 the Long Beach City Council oversaw the redistricting of Long Beach pursuant to City Charter mandate that Long Beach consider redistricting every 5 years and that typically cities redistrict every 10 years. Although the Redistricting Criteria which the Council adopted states that " Splits in neighborhoods, ethnic communities and other groups having a clear identity should be avoided," the 2011 redistricting split Cambodia Town between the 4th and 6th Council districts. 

For the past two months, students in the Civics, Organizing and Government (COG) class at the MAYE center have evaluated the history, politics and community cost of dividing Cambodia Town and the surrounding Cambodian community. In our opinion this dilutes the voting power of the Cambodian population, and minimizes our influence in a political process that controls resources and spending in Long Beach.

The COG class believes that this wrong should be redressed through uniting Cambodia Town and the surrounding Cambodian population under one Council district. Since the Council is due to take this matter up again in 2021 or earlier, we believe that it is timely now to both demand that redistricting occur and that Cambodia town be united in one district. To that end, we are calling a meeting of the community to discuss the research and history on Long Beach redistricting and start a petition to our elected officials to move this process forward.


A meeting has been scheduled for Saturday January 20, 2018 at 2pm at MAYE Center, 2153 E. Anaheim St. We ask that you please attend and spread the word to members of our community asking that they join the COG class and others who have expressed an interest in this critical issue. A draft of the petition created by the COG class is attached. Please review and bring whatever suggestions you may have to the meeting. Of course, feel free to contact me directly in advance of this important meeting."